Thursday, May 31, 2012


I just put in for a week off starting June 18th. If you include the weekends I will vacation from June 16 through June 24. I don't have any real plan but I have a conversation with Lisa last night and she was planning her vacation the same week. She should have moved by then although she may put it off until then. She wants to wait until then so she can be around to help her cat transition to the new home. I also figure since no one will commit to spending vacation with me I will just take that week off and see how things develop. Worse case I will just relax and work on my tan all week.
Tomorrow is June 1. Carolyn's birthday. She will be 50. You might think she wants to celebrate but I don't think so. I sent her a message about making plans and she could only respond that she was in court. Another message has gone unanswered. It's up to her for now. I'm not making a big deal of it.
I've been going to Lisa's new home the last 2 nights and helping her with whatever she needs. She briefly touched on having a housewarming party but stopped short on who to invite and then said "I have no other friends except for you, Mike". What is that about? Is that part of the fallout from ending an engagement? I'm sure she exaggerates but I am hard pressed to think of who she spends her time with outside of C and myself.
Where am I going with this? I wish I knew. It feels validating but it isn't really getting me anything. I am in this place I don't want to be. I'm not going to dwell on it.

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