Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love Rollercoaster

How badly have I started this day .... I don't know but I can tell you this ... somehow I managed to get dressed this morning with my underwear on backwards. So I'm in the bathroom at work, really early so it was just me, and I can't seem to find the opening so I could pee. I finally pull my pants down and I see the tag... Was I even awake this morning when I got dressed? At least I wasn't somewhere in public. I wonder if this is one of those old man things that will be hounding me for the rest of my days. I may need to lock this one in the vault and not tell anyone.
I have been so busy lately it seems I have errands to run everyday after work. Nothing huge, but I needed to go to the grocery store last night. I also have tons of dirty clothes that need to go into laundry. Maybe tonight but I also want to get some things for BBQ this weekend. I may need to hold off laundry until Saturday morning. That will be fun way to start my holiday weekend.
Last night's big event was Lisa calling me about what she needs to do for her new place. She has only 2 more days until she closes. She seems like she is still thinking about what she has lost (her engagement) and is not as excited about her future. She sent me an email and specifically mentioned that. Maybe once she has herself in her new environment she will start to feel better. 
But this needs to be about me. How would I prefer things to be? I don't want to fool myself into thinking Lisa will suddenly appear at my door and confess her love to me. If I've learned anything since I started this blog it is that I'm most likely not going to change anything. If she was even a little in love with me she would not be moving into another place, rather she would just move in to my place. There is this feeling I get that I want her. It never goes away. There has never been anyone that I could get this close to and I kind of don't want anyone else. At least until Lisa finds her next thing. I will consider other things more as a response than me actually wanting someone. I think that is how I've felt about Carolyn. Although she hasn't exactly looked to heat things up either.
I guess I will never get any movement until I get off the ride make it happen. But for now I'm still just on the ride.

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