Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking forward to the month of May.

I am enjoying a day of working from home today. In addition to getting my work done I am getting some of my laundry done and hopefully I can get the things from winter stored away and get the summer stuff out. I guess that's all I need to say about that.
Last weekend was another in a long line of every other weekend, I spent Friday night out to dinner with Carolyn listening to how messed up her life is and me trying to say I can help but not committing to anything. I finally made a case for myself and came up empty, but then there is Carolyn talking about planning a summer trip together. Very mixed messages. Anyone with any self-respect at all would just take off and never look back.
Good news. Yesterday I heard from Lisa and her move to my co-op is back on. I pretty much figured that since no one would benefit if she was turned down for a mortgage based on the insurance documentation that the maintenance company needed to supply. She has a meeting with the co-op board tonight and then from there she should have a closing date within a week or so.
My days  now consist on work and tv and I alway hold out hope that once the weather warms there will be more fun and adventure. It's May 1. This has always been my most optimistic month. I am already planning my Memorial Day weekend. I look forward to seeing a Met game with Lisa this Saturday. And it is Cinco de Mayo. I don't know what that will bring but it is something to look forward to.

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