Friday, May 18, 2012

Basic Thursday

I noticed the other day that in the ariel font the letters "r" and "n" seem to meld into an "m" and the word torn looks way too much like Tom. Maybe it's my eyes.
It finally Friday. I want that to mean something but I'm also thinking about how little I have accomplished lately. Last Friday I was hanging around the house and ended up having Lisa for company. It wasn't the perfect evening but it was way better than anything else I could have come up with. I want more but I hesitate to ask her if she'd like to plan an evening. I think last Friday was all about how nothing else came up for her so she went to me as a last resort. I am tempted to spend tonight doing laundry. It may be the better option than going out as the lone wolf or hoping for a repeat of last weekend.
Last night I was feeling especially trapped inside so after I finished cleaning up from dinner I went to the boat, which was the only place I could think of. I got there only minutes before sunset and I could feel a chill in the air by the time the sun had gone down so I wasn't there very long. There is a carnival in the park this weekend and last night was day one. It is one of those things where these truck based rides are set up with lots of light and noise. There was also a band playing old Beatle songs. I noticed Carolyn's sister Nancy leaving in her car as I was coming in but I passed by without her seeing me. It's just as well. That was as close to seeing anyone. I considered going in and seeing the band but they ended their set before I could get over there and I felt better about going home. And that was my evening. It should be easy to top.

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