Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memories of Memorial Day

As typical for me I either had multiple opportunities or none. Things started on Friday. Lisa was finally in her new place right near my house, but I also heard from Janet who wanted me to come out and share dinner with her. I wasn't sure what Lisa wants so I went for dinner with Janet after stopping in to see Lisa. She was prepping for the paint she was going to do on Saturday. I was very conflicted but I also figured she would have her sister for company and also she had told me she was having someone from work who would help.
I was feeling that a lot the entire weekend. I wasn't sure about anything. What I really wanted from Lisa was to share the experience, but I also knew she has an agenda that does not include me. I will probably expand on that later in the week.
I guess can just recap all that I did without any embellishments. Went to help Lisa on Saturday morning. I got one wall painted. Then went to pick mom up at airport. On the way back I stopped at Home Depot to buy more paint.. Helped Lisa paint the rest of her living room. Went to a neighborhood barbecue with Lisa so she could meet the neighbors. Talked to the mayor of Glen Cove. Left an exhausted Lisa laying on my couch to go see the fireworks. Lisa was too tired to go. Saw the most awesome display of fireworks ever. Got home to find Lisa had left a note. Early Sunday Lisa texted me that C was helping. She said she didn't need me to help. Went to the boat and spent morning cleaning from night before. Brought lunch to Lisa and C. Helped them a little. Took a ride with Lisa to Home Depot. Bought plants. Called it a night by 6. Monday I went to see Memorial Day Parade. Snoozed the afternoon away on the boat. Went to barbecue and saw Janet and other friends.
And that was my weekend. Just moving from one thing to another. I am like a rat in a maze. I just keep turning one corner then the next without any idea where I'm going or where I'll end up. Even this post has taken me 2 days.

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