Friday, May 25, 2012

New beginning or same old same old.

Here it is again. The Memorial Day Weekend has arrived. I consider this to be the best party weekend of the year. At least it is for me. The summer is about to start and we all look at the coming months with hope and optimism. Maybe this will be the summer where everything goes my way. For me, usually by July 4th I've fallen into the familiar pattern for the summer that usually means things will be the same as all the other summers. By then I've become jaded.
But let's not dwell on that. It's a three day weekend!!! My focus is on Saturday. There is a barbecue and fireworks scheduled. In past years I've hosted a picnic/bbq in the park near my boat. For me it involved starting early getting things set up and then waiting for everyone to show up, which would not occur until almost dark. I got tired of that and last year enjoyed a day out on my boat. Seemed like no one even noticed. That is until later. People showed up expect me to have reserved the space in the park only to find me entertaining people at my boat.
This year my mom is arriving from Florida on Saturday morning and she indicated she wanted to see the fireworks. I started to set something up but then my family had other ideas. First Sue and Brian were having it at their house, now my sister says she wants everyone to come there. So I'm off the hook.
Which brings me to the other big event. Lisa is closing on her co-op apartment today. I may just find myself there doing whatever I can to help her. I'm not sure what I will be able to do with all the other things going on but I will be happy to see her as my neighbor once she actually moves. She has indicated to me how much she is looking forward to us doing things we both love. We will see if that actually happens, but at the very least we can just see each other a few times a week.
I think I need to get my camera out and get some pictures into this blog. Stay tuned for that.

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