Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lost and Found

I received my tax refund from both the Fed and NYS. I made my deposit via ATM, because I wanted the paper check. I didn't want to give the Gov direct access to my account. I'm still a little "old school". So as I'd finished that and I headed to the office early this morning and I saw a piece of paper laying on the sidewalk that caught my eye. I almost walked past it. I picked it up and saw it was a check. Uncashed and unendorsed.  The amount was more than $2000. Who drops something like that? Well the name was a woman. It looked like it was a draw from a retirement account so I am sure it is needed. I spent more than a little time trying to return it. There is an address I can send it to and that looks to be the only method although I did a name search for an email or phone number. The Internet is so secure now that getting some one's contact information without paying some search company is near to impossible.
So I'll stop the the Post Office and get a stamp and put it in an envelope and mail it. I was curious who could be so wealthy that they could toss aside a check to that much money and not be running up and down 8th Avenue screaming. I guess since it is a bank check it theoretically can't be cashed and a new one can be cut. But I imagine that must be quite a hassle.
Not a lot of other activity to speak of. I did place a call down to mom in Florida. I hadn't spoken to her in a while so I was anxious to hear how she was. She told me she would be here in NY for Memorial Day weekend. So I am now considering having a family gathering on that Saturday. I've had them before but the last time I did that it was more work than it was worth. I felt as if no one really cared weather or not they came. I was at the picnic area early so we would have a good spot and no one would show up until 4 hours later. Last year I just had people at the boat. Maybe this year I'll do it up again.

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