Friday, May 11, 2012

Forever Young

It appears I've completely lost all interested readers. I have zero views on my last post so I guess I really am just doing this for me.
The only news I have is that my sister's father-in-law passed away earlier this week. He was 93 so it's not as if he was so young. But it was sudden and he wasn't sick so it is a bit of a shock for them. The funeral is Monday so I'm taking a day off from the office to attend.
Howie (short for Howard) loved sailing, just like my dad and he was part of the crew my dad organized to sail to Bermuda in 1986. I was also a part of that. I got to know him fairly well during that trip. There is a picture of us at the end of that rip on the wall in my house. Of the 6 men in the picture I think only my brother Barry and I are still breathing.
I don't know what the to expect this weekend. No real plans are being made. Sunday is mother's day but since my mom is in Florida there will only be a phone call then the rest of the day will be free to do what ever I want.

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