Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good week so far.

Some times I think I want to start making things up just so that I can make life more interesting and then increase the number of readers I may have. I would do it but then I'd have trouble remembering truth from fiction and if I get nothing else out of this at least I can maintain a level of sincerity even if it's more than a little uninteresting.
Yesterday Lisa went to see the co-op board. It appears she will be my neighbor in the very near future. After the meeting she stopped by to tell me how it went. She looked great as she was dressed to the nines to give the best impression. At the very least I was impressed. As things are lining up she has a huge work event on Thursday that has taken almost all of her attention for the last few weeks. With the completion of that she will shift gears into closing and moving. She said to me how good she feels that she  can manage all these things and seem as if they all can work out. She said she has surprised herself. I told her I've always felt she was a mover and a shaker, but it was been quite a busy few months. I told her when she finally has some down time she may need a little R & R.
Not long after Lisa left I got a knock on the door from my neighbor Esther who could wait to give me her news. She was re-hired back to the civil service job that she liked so much. I must say it has been a good week for most everyone.  It is only Wednesday.

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