Thursday, April 26, 2012

The One Who Got Away.

I've been sitting on this for a couple of days. I've been on FB for a long time but up until recently I never pay it much attention. Every now and then I would post a picture or make a comment. Then last year I got a Droid phone and now I find myself checking things out almost obsessively. As time has gone on I've been friending people I haven't seen in years. Mostly old friends from when I grew up, but no one I ever wanted to actually see. That is until the other day.
I had a "friend" request waiting for a response. Typically I hate those because more often than not they are people I'd just a soon not have contact with. But there is was ... Winnie requesting to be friends. Win was my next door neighbor from when I was 12 until I was 24. When we met she was the kid next door but some how I got infatuated with her. We never did anything except hang out but I always wished we could date. We used to go to movies and the beach together but could never be romantic. Eventually she had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend and that was that. But she was always the one who got away. When I was 24 she met her soon to be husband and she was gone from my life.
I always find myself thinking about what her life must be like now. She moved away and she has her life with a son and a husband. Through the Internet I am able to reach out to her but I rarely do because I'm pretty sure her husband looks at me like I'm the enemy, which basically, I am. Every so often a get a junk email from an address that I think she shares with her husband. I responded a few times. For the most part it's silence. Once about 6 years ago I got a direct email from her and we went back and forth chatting for a few hours. Her father had died recently and she was coming to NY with her family to for a memorial and visit other family and she made the mistake of telling me where. So I went. I managed to talk Lisa into going with me so I wouldn't feel like a stalker. There are pictures on an old blog post here somewhere.
That was the last time I'd seen or heard from her. I got the feeling I may have caused her an embarrassing moment. But I did get to see lots of her family again who I hadn't seen since we were all kids.
Now she was on FB and asking to friend me. So I did. Then sent her a short note saying hello and asking how she was. No response which I expected. From her wall I could see she isn't spending much time in there. There were a few new pictures so it was nice to see what she looks like now. If she has changed at all since high school I don't see it. I know I should put up a picture but I'm not.
I often wonder if she ever looks back at her high school days and remembers me. When she got married I went to the wedding I was surprised that she had no one else there from our high school. Which made me her oldest friend. She was always my oldest friend. I'd love it if she could check in on FB with me every now and then. I'm only mildly interested. Now if my first girlfriend sent me a "friend" request... yikes, that'll have to be another post.

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