Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's all pretty lame right now.

I updated the look of my blog and my initial response is it's pretty lame. But to me it's all about content but I'm not sure that's much different. But it's my blog so I'll make changes when I feel the urge, otherwise this is it.
I got home from work last night and all I could do was crash on the couch. No gym, no going to the bar, no phone calls in or out. It's the hermits life for me. It was fairly warm outside as well. I considered going for a walk but didn't.
Easter is coming and I have plans for dinner at my sister's along with who ever else from my family shows up. I'm not sure what I'll bring but I need to do something. Maybe some kind of dessert.
Work has been keeping me busy and I haven't been updating as frequently as I once did. It's work and little else going on right now. I'm really just biding my time waiting for the baseball season to start and for Lisa to move to her new place right across the street from me. I also have to start getting the boat in order too. That typically starts now.

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