Monday, April 2, 2012

Another weekend has come and gone. I did little to nothing. I was out with Janet and Roberta on Friday and before we even had a drink in front of us but who walks in none other than Coleen. She was there with Tommy, he's a jerk. Last time I saw him he had fallen over in the bathroom of the bar. And it wasn't even 3 PM yet. Well, I'd decided I wasn't going to spend any more of my time with stupid idiots like them. And what happens, they find me when I go out to dinner. Coleen did stop by and say hello, and wanted to meet me at the gym. But I've been stood up enough to know she's not doing that.
After than I enjoyed an okay dinner and we moved on to have a drink at the bar. I was home by 10. But I still couldn't get my ass out of bed for the gym. Eventually my phone rang and that got me out of bed. Lisa needed to stop by. I can't wait until she moves. I may be more excited about her move than I was about mine. I need to not be.
No word from Carolyn for a while. I guess she is doing what she needs to do get get her life back on track. I hope. I have a feeling at the end she will be leaving town.

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