Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a free ride when you've already paid.

Friday. Yay. I think. I haven't done much this week to be proud of. I've blown off the gym and have no excuse. I just go home and get on the couch and can't move. No where to go. March needs to end now. Spring is here but it is still kind of cold. The 70 degree weather that teased us a week ago is just a memory now.
At least tonight I have a plan I reached out to Janet and she and her friend Roberta and I are going to a seafood restuarant for dinner tonight. I recently found out that Janet's daughter will have her first grandchild in September and it's a secret. The rest of my weekend is kind of up in the air. I wouldn't mind doing nothing. I know I need to stay away from the bar.
I called Carolyn last night but could only get her voicemail. I'm not even sure if she even still has the phone since it may have been tied to her job that she no longer has. I don't even care that she never called me back.
What does bother me is I don't hear much from Lisa lately. I know she has to focus on a big project at work so I've been trying to let her come to me. But I also still continue to be nagged by this feeling she has something going on at work besides the project. His name is married Mark and that is all I know.
I read with keen interest the tips from VJ on getting laid and while she does have good advice, there wasn't really anything there I don't already know. Unfortunately like Alanis Morrissette says in her song Ironic, there's good advice that you just can't take.

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