Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do I need advice?

Apparently one of my fellow bloggers, VJ has decided to tutor me in the ways of seduction. She is putting it into her blog on Thursday, which means I will have it available to me by the weekend. Maybe she can tell me what I don't already know, but I think maybe she should stick to poker. From what I understand you can be lucky with the opposite sex or you can be lucky in cards, but not both.
That being said, I've always looked at the process of seduction to be very much like playing a hand of poker. You have a hand that you are dealt and you look at your cards and you wonder if the hand is good enough. You look for signals to see if the other hand is good enough. A pair of deuces never feels good but sometimes it's enough. You want to go all in but you need to see weakness first. So you check raise and wait and wait. You can't show those cards because you are fairly sure you can be beaten, so then there is the bluff. Raise the stakes, but don't go all in. This just goes on forever.
Okay, now I've beaten that metaphor to death. I sat down last night and paid some bills. At some point I realized I haven't paid my cell phone bill since January. How'd that happen. I could have sworn I'd taken care of all my payables. Oh, well. The check is in the mail. Back to work.

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