Monday, March 19, 2012

Close the deal? I'm not even in the game.

I don't even know if I what to write this today. Seems that I have been getting an enormous amount of spam hits to my comments and I wonder if another post will do any more than just generate more spam. I do have things to say so I'll just let it go and move on.
Not much went on last week until Friday. I have made myself a promise to make going to the gym a priority and I have so far made good on that. But that has left me with little time of energy for much else.
But Friday was my nephew Jamie's wedding and it was a full on family event. My mom flew in from Florida and it was nice to see all of us together. I'm still getting used to having Linda using our last name. The wedding itself was one of the more classy, well done events I've been to. You could see there was a lot of effort that went into ti. They had written much of their own words into the vows and there was none of the immature wedding traditions that sometimes dominate wedding receptions. No throwing of the bouquet or garter. The cake ceremony was simply a tender moment without the moushing of the food into each other's mouths. All that said it was a pleasure to see them taking the start of their marriage seriously. But still I couldn't wait until it was over.
By the end I was really feeling empty and sad. I didn't want to be happy for them. I hope it didn't show but it must have a little. I've never been good at hiding how I feel. It probably didn't help that I felt a little under the weather. When the opportunity to leave presented itself, as my brother Sean left with his two young children, I also said goodbye and left.
When I awoke Saturday I was feeling a little better but there was no going to the gym. I arose early but most just bummed around the house most of the day. I had hopes of hearing from Lisa and when I didn't hear from her by late afternoon I sent her a text. She was at the ER. It seems her mom had fallen the night before and needed stitches. Once I'd learned she was going to be okay my concern was what had made the mom fall. They were looking at that. She has a pacemaker and they suspected it had something to do with that. So Lisa was going to be dealing with that the rest of the night.
I also went to see mom at my sister's in the hope that I could get her to come to my house for dinner, but once again my sister had already made the decision to have it at her house. I was a little annoyed but I didn't want any conflict and I ended up having dinner at their house. My brother Brian showed up with his new puppy so it turned into a family night. I hadn't seen any friends so far the whole weekend.
But Sunday was the traditional St. Pats Day parade in my town so I went to see that. Before hand I did make it into the gym and enjoyed a cup of coffee with Lisa. She had plans to go to work. Yes, on a Sunday. I am suspicious that she is using work as a rouse to spend time with her "married" co-worker Mark. I can see that window closing although it was never really open.
The parade was okay but I didn't want to spend the whole day doing nothing but that. The parade itself is always great, but then it's over and all the people I know just sit in the bar and get hammered. I'm trying to get other things done. While I was there I noticed this attractive blonde that I swear I'd never seen before talking to one of my other friends. Then she came over to me and gave me a big hello and she knew my name. Okay, we've met before but I had no recollection of it.
Not knowing her name made me feel really stupid so I just said hello and moved on. Normally that would be end of the story as I decided to leave not long after that and get some work done down at the boat. I wasn't down there and got the engine started for the first time since November. It took only a few minutes. I was enjoying the warm weather and I was looking at my facebook stuff when I noticed my cousin had posted a picture from the tiki bar only minutes a go. So I decided to stop there and say hello. Well, I walk in the the first one I see is the blonde again. And this time she gave me another nice hello and then put her arm around my waist. Body language like that I almost never get but I was still not even sure who she was. Still feeling embarrassed I saw my cousin and other family and I went there and chatted. Later I saw Janet and I asked who this blonde girl was. She told me her name is Connie and she worked at a restaurant we've been to. Ahh, so that's it. She recognizes me as a customer. And me I missed that. Janet also mentioned she had only recently ended a relationship. Well, maybe that explains the touching. She was also very very intoxicated. Last I saw she was being helped by her friends who were making sure she got home okay. Obviously not the right girl, but still I'm so slow on things. I'm probably never going at get any.

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