Thursday, March 1, 2012

In like a lion

Today is March 1. It should be just another start to a month but it is also Coleen's birthday. In prior years I used to try to find the ideal present for her. Last year I baked a cake and brought it to her house when she cooked a dinner. But this year I haven't really seen her in a while so I am not planning anything. I did text her this morning and we have gone back and forth a bit. She wants me to take her to dinner at our favorite restaurant but she can't commit to when. Part of me really wants to take her but I know I should just let her go. She should have her boyfriend take her and just leave me alone. I really prefer to spend my time with someone who really wants me.
I spoke to my brother Sean yesterday on the phone. He and his wife are proceeding towards a divorce. He sounded more upbeat than I expected. I'm glad. I was thinking he might be in a really bad way. He says he is looking forward to getting out and meeting new people. And dating again. Maybe he can have better luck than I have.

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