Friday, March 9, 2012

Trying something different

I feel really good right now. Let's face it ... I've never had much success with the ladies and that is probably how my life was meant to be. But at least right now I feel like I've got everything else in order. This time last year I was fighting for my life at work, and losing my job would have put my brand new residence at risk, since I've always said I would pack up and leave New York if I'd ever found myself out of work. But yesterday I received a bonus check of more than $5000, that is net, not gross. The full amount was $8000 plus. Not a bad windfall since I was not expecting anything. So I now have no money worries. Bills paid. Check. Nice place to live. Check. Lisa becoming my neighbor. Check. Weather getting warmer. Check.
Things are good. I've even got plans for the weekend. I have dinner tonight with my brother-in-law Ken. My sister is in Florida visiting mom so I called him and said "let's do dinner". Kenny is very laid back, almost boring, but we get along okay and he has always been there for me. Maybe more so than my brothers.
Then yesterday I got a call from Loni. She has been cutting my hair since forever and when she needed money last fall I loaned her what she needed. I'm not sure if I'll ever see it again but since I had it I though I could. Since then things have been even easier. I'm chalking that up to good karma. Maybe. Loni reached out to me in what I had hoped would be her telling me she was paying me back, but no that wasn't it. She is celebrating her birthday on Saturday and wanted me to come. I gave her a maybe, but I am leaning towards going. There not other offers right now. I'm wondering if I should bring someone. Then who? And then I think I've met some of Loni's friends and maybe I should look to cash in some karma and go alone. Worse case I go give her a card and if I feel like it's not for me I'll just make a quick exit.
At least I can be social. I guess no one seeing me in any of my usual places will be good too, since nothing much is happening with the status quo. It is the insane man who keeps doing the same things and expecting a different result.

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