Friday, March 23, 2012

ObLaDe ObLaDa Life Goes On

It's finally Friday. I've been suffering with either a cold or allergies all week. Yesterday I sent to my allergist and got shots and it seems much better. I guess there is a down side to the early spring weather we've been getting.
Because I've been sick I've missed going to the gym all week. So much for "Jogging for Jesus". I expect to go on Saturday. I've had virtually no social contact all week until yesterday when I reached out to Lisa. It was good to hear that her application for a mortgage is moving along. It's at least a 2 month process so it remains to be seen if she will move before Mother's Day like I expect.
I have been feeling guilty about not calling Carolyn but her out of work situation just gets me off of her. She was not interested in any more than friendship and right now it feels like she can't really give much of that. So this morning I got an email from her daughter Monica. Her car broke down and she wants Lisa's boyfriend to see if it can be fixed. I just sent her the number to call and it will get taken care of. Still have yet to hear from Carolyn.
I have zero plans for the weekend. I'm just not making them. I'll get things done at my own pace and not worry about anything.

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