Monday, March 5, 2012

I put the Weak into weekend

I got out a lot this weekend. I've completely pushed Carolyn out of the picture. There is a little guilt about that since she is so down on her luck right now. But I have no desire to try and fix her shit nor do I want to hear about it any more. I won't ever say I'm done with her but I have definitely looked in another direction. I expect I will break sometime this week and call her to see how she is doing.
Meanwhile, since it was Coleen's birthday last week I found myself reaching out to her on Friday to see if she would be out and about. She made an appearance at the bar with her boyfriend, so I got to say happy birthday. Then I found myself agreeing to take her to dinner on Saturday because the boyfriend was working. He even said, "yeah, take her for Indian food". The next thing I know we have her other friend Barbara going as well. I am not overly fond of Barbara. The truth be told I wasn't all that thrilled about the evening at all. I am way past the point of spending too much time with Coleen. We aren't that close anymore and I am fine with that. I do miss her sometimes but if I can see her in the bar every now and then that is enough. I've sort of put it into my head that I'm not going to do any more dinner's with Coleen.
Sunday morning found me at the gym with Lisa. Then Lisa's sister Ellen was there as well. The best part was coffee afterwards. They were planning on attempting to cook a Indian dish and were considering all the ingredients they would need. I pretty much concluded this this would be an all day event. I had to see my family for something at 1 'clock so even though they wanted me to come along I bowed out. But at 5 o'clock I got a phone call inviting me to dinner. They did a good job cooking the tikka masala. I was right about it taking them all day. But they are sisters and I think they liked it. Thing is I pretty much had the same dinner 2 nights in a row.
I ended up hanging out there for most of the evening. I got to hear about Lisa's issues with her soon to be ex-fiance. She is about to buy her own place but she says she is still in love with him. When she told him she would be moving out he just said "it's over, it's been over". And yet it feels like she is holding on to something. So I am still on the outside looking in.

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