Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a Mike Life

This past weekend was spent doing little to nothing. I did get to spend some time with Lisa on Saturday. But that ended be late evening. The rest of my weekend was all about being home and not much else.
Friday night I decided to not do the same old thing and didn't go out and drink at the bar. Instead I went to the mall about bought new bedding. That cost me a little more than $100. I have basically been sleeping under the same comforter for about 10+ years so no doubt I was overdue to get something new. It has been just me the entire time so it isn't like I need to impress anyone. I just hope the cat likes sleeping on it.
Saturday Lisa and I went to Target for her to get stuff. We were going to get Indian food first but we timed it badly and they don't actually serve people between 3 and 5. We were too hungry so we grabbed a sandwich and a beer at Boulder Creek. We then did the Target thing and I consider buying a few things but couldn't pull the trigger on anything.
I was home alone watching TV on Saturday night. Sunday my only trip out was to go grocery shopping. Yes... I shopped all weekend. I just hope I'm done for a while.
So finally at 5PM I am prepping a big tray for baked ziti when I get a call from Carolyn. Geez, what a mess she is right now. On Friday I got a message that her daughter Monica had her car break down. I was not going to do too much so I gave her the info to have it towed to Carmine and have him fix it, which he did do. So on Sunday she called me about her mess up health insurance. Now I work for health insurance but I'm not an expert. She lost her job and her old company was not picking up any extension for her health care. Meanwhile she is supposed to have coverage through her ex-husband who is not doing much if anything about supplying that. So she tells me all this and the best I want to do is just listen and give thoughtful advice. I am not doing stuff since at the end of the process all I ever get is "you are a good friend" and then she goes off and finds another guy to make her happy. She needs to fix it herself.

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