Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What to write when nothing happens.

All my weekend planned activities were a no-go. Friday night I was planning on spending a quiet dinner with my brother-in-law, but he was needed at the hospital to be with his 94 year-old dad. The dad is fine. He was at the hospital for something minor, but since he is at an advanced age he became agitated and that required the son to make a trip. So that cancelled dinner plans although I did get to pick him up from the hospital and drive him home.
Saturday's plan was to attend a 50th birthday celebration at a club for Loni. But Loni cancelled that due to some unknown reason. I wasn't too unhappy as it was planned to start way later than I can typically stay out. The days of going out to a party until 1 AM are long gone. So I was home again on Saturday night.
On Sunday I went shopping with Coleen and her odd friend Barbara. I'm not overly fond of Barbara. Actually I don't like her at all. I considered blowing off the call from Coleen but I wanted to get some things anyway. I spent about $100. Probably stuff I didn't need. It was my only time that I was social the whole weekend so I guess i needed it.
I guess that's not totally true. I did see Lisa in the gym on Saturday morning and followed that with coffee at Starbucks. That was the best part of my weekend. Lisa is progressing on her purchase of a co-op just a few doors away from mine. She still has not told her ex-fiance/boyfriend/guy she is living with. That's right. She has a confirmed contract and all she has said was she want to move out. So he knows a little but Lisa is holding off saying the whole thing. I guess she figures it may make the time she has left to stay there that much more uncomfortable, but I think it's more she is afraid of the confrontation it may bring. Meanwhile I maintain a safe distance, mostly because she keeps that. It is my belief Lisa has someone at work she want to get involved with but can't until she is free.
There is a lot of things piling up at work and I have a family event on Friday. My nephew is getting married. So it may be hard to create any long winded posts. I expect I'll push one out before Friday. We will see.

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