Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good times

I guess I completely missed yesterday. Not that anything of value occurred. I did have hopes of putting up a photo or two of my nephew in his dress blue uniform. Problem is I am at work and the pictures are at home.
I did finally call Carolyn. It is getting so hard to talk to her right now. I start by asking how she is doing and her response was "I don't have a job". From there the conversation only gets worse. I get to hear a ten minute rant about her this is all the fault of her ex-husband and he is at the root of everything that is bad in her life right now. All this is true but she can't seem to have a conversation about anything else. She can't make plans. She feels abandoned and alone, but refuses to accept any offers to help. She just wants to wallow in her misery. Which is fine by me.
Then yesterday she sends me a text that our mutual friend Hank is no longer working as the dockmaster for the yacht club near the boat. I'm not a member so it means little to me except there is another friend who needs a job. I'm thankful that I can stay employed.
Actually I'm doing a little better than that as I've been given a bonus that should be in my account tomorrow. More than $8K. Sweet. I wasn't expecting that. So now I can relax financially. I still don't know if I'll ever see the money I loaned to Loni again but at least I can absorb it.
Lisa will sign her contract on her new co-op. She will become my neighbor some time in May. I want this to be a good thing but I still can't help but look at her with potential, and I know she has no feelings like that. Or at least she has never given me anything to pin my hopes on. So I will continue to enjoy her company as a friend and maintain a stiff upper lip. She is dropping by later tonight to look at what steps she still needs to take to secure her mortgage.

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