Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-week and mid-life crisis

I managed to file my taxes this week. I'm receiving more than $4000 if I did my forms right. That's why I bought a new home. Once I get my money I should be fine for the foreseeable future. I can even start to think about getting a new car. But probably will wait.
Lisa came by and I helped her with the tax return she needed to as well. Her return was much simpler that mine, but that will change for her next year. We were done fairly quick so we sat back with a drink and she tald me about her Easter. She is easily stressed and a huge family gathering was no exception. Her soon-to-be ex went with her and she was telling me how easy it is for her to slip into being part of a couple. For a while she had enjoyed herself, but then she got annoyed at the men who pretty much at and ignored the clean-up process. She said she couldn't even vent because her bf never really gets it.
So we then talked about her future and I found myself trying to reassure her that things will be great. She is afraid of being alone and I was trying to make her feel better about it. Later I was thinking how I hypocritical because I have been struggling and I'm only more optimistic now because I may get to spend more time with her. She will probably have other men before too long and that will bother me. And yet there I am telling her how there will be a good future for her even though deep down I hope not. I need to find words that are more honest and sincere and yet are helpful.

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