Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm not real happy with my Blog lately. Seems that it has been under attack buy spammers. I've been getting dozens of comments but none with keeping or even reading. It has me considering other options.
I do use facebook, but I don't feel comfortable telling the whole truth there. To many know me and might not feel good about everything I say.
Sunday was Easter and I had a family dinner at my sister's along with 3 of my 4 siblings. My sister pulled out all the stops making a ham, lamb and lasagna. There wasn't enough room on one plate for everything. We are now quite an assortment .... there was my sister Maryliz, her husband Ken, and her three who are all over 20 now. Her oldest introduced her new bf Jordon. He seems okay. Only time will tell for her.
My older brother Barry was there but was without his wife or 2 kids. He has them all away, the kids are at school and the wife is visiting her mom in Florida.
Another brother Sean was there with his 2 girls. His marriage is slowly coming to an end and his soon to be ex-wife (who he is still living with btw) was with her family. I didn't even ask where.
Then there was my nephew James and is new wife Linda. They chose to spend Easter with us rather than going to his own sister's house along with his parents, my other brother Brian.
The weather turned out nice so there was an Easter egg hunt ... which you might think we are all a little old for but I guess not. We pooled some money and there was a winning egg which I did not get.
Speaking of money, I started doing my taxes on Saturday and I can't find some of my documents. I know I had them and I thought I put them in a safe place but now I can't find them anywhere/ I tore my house apart looking too. So now I need to see if I can get copies. I need to get it done by next Monday.

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