Monday, April 23, 2012

I can't wait for tomorrow

I've been unable to get a new entry for a while. Not as if I've no news. I've just been staying away from distractions and this has fallen into that category as of late. But today I can make a point.
Friday night I took Carolyn out to dinner. Somewhere after the first glass of wine we talked about sleeping together. And it was her who brought it up. With that in mind and we finished dinner I took her home and we relaxed on her couch together. I was trying to get to second base but SHE SHUT ME DOWN. She explained how messed up and complicated her life is and all I wanted to do was get her into bed. I left there feeling very frustrated but also I made my intentions pretty clear. I guess if we did start something I would be looking for commitment. It may not have helped that her 15 year old son arrived home in the middle of all this. He didn't interrupt anything since there really wasn't much to interrupt. It was late so he just aid hello and went to bed. I knew it was time to either make a move or go home. The last thing that happened I tried to go upstairs to her bedroom but she directed me out the front door instead.
The rest of my weekend was pretty much just me doing nothing. I have lots of work to do to get the boat ready so I set about that. I'm a little disappointed that Lisa my not become my neighbor after all. It seems there is a complication with her mortgage and she may just walk away from the whole process. It is a situation that has nothing to do with her ... seems the co-op has what may be invalid insurance. It can probably be fixed but it may not happen in time for Lisa to secure the mortgage. It will be worked out one way or another by the end of the week I think.
The week is off to a great start. Rainy Monday. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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