Friday, June 1, 2012

Many options but few choices

Good morning. It's another Friday. The beginning of another weekend. And another month. June is finally here.
It is Carolyn's birthday today. She is 50. I texted her this morning and her response was that she is officially old. I want to give her a reason to celebrate but how can I do that when she reacts like that. I'll have to wait and see. Right now I'm thinking she just wants to be left alone.
Last night I got home and made myself dinner and not much else. I thought I might be helping Lisa get the rest of the painting done at her house. She never called me and I peaked out the window and saw Carmine's car parked. I figured if her was helping her and she wasn't calling me I should just stay home. I didn't want to be the second rooster in the hen house. Turned out to be a good thing as she did eventually call me after Carmine had left. Turns out she had new Mark there with Carmine. I am left wondering if that was tense. The new guy and the old guy both there at the same time. While I doubt Lisa planned it I've seen her make the most of those kind of situations. I was glad to have not been there.
I did go there and helped her take the garbage out to the dumpster. She seems to be about done. Yet she won't move for at least another week and maybe 2 weeks. She will still be doing stuff so we will see.
With that I am not sure what to expect. I may get Carolyn to go out for her birthday. Or I may just help Lisa with whatever she may do. Or I may just do something like what I did last week and see Janet. Or I could do none of them and just stay home.

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