Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting what I need

Yes. It has been ten days since I last said any thing. It's so bad I actually got poked by Krissy just to make sure I am still around. There is so much going on I don't really know where to start. I had planned to spend last week off from work and had hoped to spend some time getting Lisa settled into her new home. Then work got in the way. There was a deadline moved up so instead of taking 5 days off I only got 2 and then I needed to login from home for 2 half days so I really didn't get any. My plans were to get my boat in ship shape for the summer but I never got to any of it done. Still I had Lisa and her sister's family come out for a sail on Saturday. That was great right up until we were about to get into the marina. The boat stalled just a half a mile from home. I never got the boat going and it is still not fixed. I guess if you put things off long enough it causes problems. I probably never should have left the dock until I did my "due diligence". The phrase "pay me now or pay me later" comes to mind. I'd been having some issues with my boat for a while so it's due for some one to look at it.
In other news I've been spending most of my free time with Lisa. Either she call me or I call her but it's been fun having her so close to me. I'm sure eventually we will find a happy medium because she will want to start dating and we don't seem to connect like that. She actually was crying about missing the ex after we ended our sailing on Saturday. She actually took her car and ran over the curb and knocked the wheel well off. It should go right back on but she just got more upset anyway. Hopefully she will get better soon. I spent some time with her yesterday trying to make it okay.
I've been ignoring most of my other friends and family lately. I don't even care. It is so nice to have someone who just likes to sit back and enjoy doing nothing. Still I find myself planning and trying to make things happen, Last night I convinced Lisa to come to the Tiki Bar for a cocktail. It near the water on a golf course so it tends to be an older crowd that are mostly people who finished a round of golf. We walked onto the patio and we got an odd reaction from one of the tables. I didn't recognize any of them but I did see some other people I knew that I stopped and said hello to. What I didn't see was something that Lisa told me about later. One of the older men who I knew but didn't initially recognize made an indication to Lisa that she should come over, which she did not do. It was Nester, who is someone who thinks he is a ladies man and always thinks he can get "the girl". When Lisa told me how this happened when I couldn't see I started to get a little more mad about it, although since she had already defused the situation I thought the best thing is to let it go. For now. Nester even had the nerve to come over and talk to me like he was my friend. Not sure if I'll run into him again any time soon but I will not let him think he is my friend.
Okay - so there it is. Right now I am still alone but not as lonely. My boat needs to have a mechanic look at it and with 4th of July just 10 days away everything is a little unsettled. hopefully soon all my dreams will come true. Or maybe just some.

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