Monday, June 11, 2012

Where did the weekend go?

The weekend felt more like a single day off than 2. I actually found myself late on Sunday thinking it was only Saturday. Of course I knew it was Sunday but I was so busy the weekend being over just felt wrong. The only good thing I can look towards is I'll be off for a week once this week ends.
I am still spending a lot of time with Lisa. Now that she is my neighbor I can just walk over and see her. She isn't quite there yet since she hasn't moved in yet. She only needs to get some furniture moved and then her cat needs to join her. She is putting it off. She was saying last night how sad she is about leaving C. No one else is sad about it. Next week it will be official. 
I did do other things. I spent some time at Carolyn's house on Saturday trying to fix her lawnmower. I couldn't get that to run. It was just a short visit since she is totally dedicated to passing her summer school work. She doesn't not seem like she has directions but she is driven. I just know she and I will never connect. I get the distinct feeling she will slip away by the end of summer.
I also got my boat out with my friend Chris. It started with a whimper as there was not a hint of breeze. Then the wind picked up and we enjoyed a great time out on the water. Then as we pulled down the sails and headed for home my engine stalled. I briefly tried to start it but then called TowBoat and got back to the slip. Once in the slip I made a few more attempts to start up the engine and low and behold, it fired up. I may have had some water in the gas or I may need to get some substantial work done. Either way I will have it looked at next week while I am off.
Just another crazy weekend.

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