Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deja vu all over again.

Now, where was I? Yesterday? Same things as the day before pretty much. I find myself really looking forward to being off for a week. I know I should make concrete plans or at least ask Lisa what she might plan but I feel that things need to be loose and unspecified. I have tons of little projects that I've been putting off so I really hope to get a lot of those done. I may need to create a check list of sorts. I had been putting things off while I helped Lisa get herself situated.
I was heading home last night and Lisa sent a text telling me to stop in once I was home. She has gradually been spending more and more time at her new home. She pretty much just goes back to the old place just to sleep. So I get there and her place is empty. I figured she was running an errand so I sent a brief text and headed back to my place. Then I saw Lisa's sister Ellen waving to me from her car across the street. It seems they were moving furniture that have been divvied up between three cars. Ellen's, Lisa's and Carmine's. Yes - it was the "trailer park" moving company experience. With that, I helped get all the pieces of furniture up the stairs and put together. Since there were so many I did need to do much. However it was the first time there was a comfortable place to sit at her house.
I had not had dinner yet but even though I was hungry I figured dinner would be optional. Lisa has been stressing and with that she is missing meals a lot. It took a little longer than an hour before everything was in it's place and everyone started to leave. I wasn't sure what I should so and I considered heading home but I delayed and then Lisa poured 2 drinks so I stayed for a bit. I'm starting to feel this is becoming a routine. Then she once more lamented about how she wishes things could have been better between her and C. I just listened and let her talk. I told her it may take a while before she settles in and embraces her new home. I have trouble when she is like this because I am feeling like I want to celebrate and she is sad.
So to lighten the mood or at least change the context I told her I needed some help at my house. Is that the best thing? I don't know. What I really want to do is take her into the bedroom and have my way with her.
I went to my house and it has been very neglected. I have boxes that needed to be stored and other boxes that needed to be taken to dumpster. I was half done when Lisa came by to help. By the time we were done I'd worked up a bit of sweat. Okay, it was a lot of sweat. No making any moves like that. Don't expect that will ever happen. She left for home at about 9. I wasn't unhappy to see her go. I keep hearing her telling me years ago that I should not have hopes when it comes to her. Besides I needed to make dinner. Same old, same old.

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