Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend recap.

Weekend was spent helping Lisa get her new place in order. She doesn't have much to do but still hasn't made the move yet. So we finished up early on Friday and Lisa, her sister Ellen and I went to my house for snacks and vodka tonics. At about 9:30 I flipped the TV to the Met game and kept the sound off. Then I saw Baxter smash into the wall and turned the sound on. The announcer said the catch preserved the no-hitter! I looked at Lisa and Ellen and exclaimed that nobody was going anywhere until there was either a hit or the last out. With each pitch the excitement grew. All the years I've been watching Met games I'd always wanted to see a no-hitter pitched by my guys. Finally it happened. I went outside to my neighbor across the street and was jumping up and down. Lisa and I once had Saturday Season tickets for the Mets so it was great she was there to share it.
I celebrated pretty hard. But Ellen had a bit more to drink than she should have so I convinced her to leave her car and I gave her a ride. Her husband Frank was visiting his sick mother so she considered staying on my couch but I was fine so I took her home. I had a very strange vibe like Ellen has an attraction for me. She once told me that Lisa and I should to get together. Why is it always the wrong sister? Twenty minutes after dropping off Ellen I was home.
Next morning Lisa starts texting me before my alarm was even going off. We knew we needed to get Ellen's car back to her and Lisa wanted to take care of it even though I had promised I would. At 6 AM I would agree to anything. I went back to bed and didn't wake again until about 9. I spent the rest of the morning getting my A/C units into the windows. Of course now that it is done is gone cold and rainy.
By the afternoon I was again with Ellen and Lisa helping with the move. All of a sudden I am getting random text messages from everyone. Coleen, who I haven't heard from or seen in a month suddenly wanted me to join her and her friend Barbara for dinner. But Lisa asked me to have dinner so I told Coleen no. Then I got a text from Carolyn who I had promised to go boating with. It was her birthday on Sunday as well. Then I got calls from Jimmy and Chris. It is either feast of famine.
I ended my night in the drive way of Lisa's old house that she still shares with her ex-fiance. I reluctantly gave her a quick good night kiss before she went into her house. It is so strange that she still stays there. Still morning the dead relationship while I am home alone.
It is for this reason I felt no remorse taking Carolyn out for the day on Sunday. I am perplexed by Carolyn. She indicates she want to see more of me. She just refuses to get sexual with me even though I tell her I'd like to see her more often and want it to lead to something. It is very frustrating.
We had a nice day but the weather got crummy and I took her home early. She wanted me to stay for dinner, but she also wanted to work and I figured I would just go hand out at the bar.
That was my weekend.... nothing new or exciting but for me it was a lot crammed into just 2 days.

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