Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Hard Work.

A couple days go by so fast. I don't need to update but I will. For starters I'm not on vacation next week. I'll be working trying to get a program finished. I kind of knew it may be an issue and thought I should mention it to one of the analysts, when then made it a big issue and it got pushed up to the director. So now I need to work all next week trying to get it done.
Meanwhile Lisa will be off trying to get moved. Finally. As that day grows closer I sense she is getting a little more independent. I think she has a plan she doesn't want exposed. Lisa has these text conversations that she tries to hide. It is with her married co-worker. Lisa says his marriage is tanking and I just leave it at that. While I don't make any judgements I just can't see how this ends well for her. Nor for me either.
And now we are neighbors.
I started reading a new book. It's a book that was a movie I'd seen and always liked. In Her Shoes. It is kind of a girlie book but I always seem to like them. It's a life I wish I had. I'll never lose hope.

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