Thursday, September 23, 2010

A slow news day.

I spent the last 2 nights alone with my thoughts. At least I made it to the gym on Tuesday. I'm going to try and go again tonight unless something better comes along. I wanted to talk last night to anyone who would listen but I couldn't think of anyone who might enjoy my talk. So I sucked it up and watched tv all night in the company of my cat.
There was a big storm that blew through the area last night at about 10. So I was glad to be safe at home. We are in a mini heat wave ... at least a September version of a heat wave. We might see 90 today. Maybe I was a little hasty to take out the A/C units. Saturday it will still be warm. Maybe it will be a beach day but my plan is to get some work done on the boat. I have Barry coming to give me a hand and with his help I should get my new stuff installed and working. Then I can look forward to next year being my best boating season ever.

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