Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short note

Not sure why but I reached out to Coleen after work last night. I ended up seeing her and having dinner and drinks with her. She was in good spirits and I said goodnight at about 9. It was a rare Monday night treat. I am setting the stage for this coming weekend. I would like it if I can see her. But I am not able to make a plan.

The rest of the week will be limited to work and home. I will also go to the gym. Summer must really be over since I've removed my air conditioners from the bedroom and livingroom and they will now spend the next 8 months in the closet. It may get warm during the day but I can handle any heat with just open windows. I am waiting for that first real cold day to see how the heat in the new house is. I still love the fact that the air really flows through with just open windows. Having the sun coming into the bedroom in the morning is a new experience. The last bedroom that faced east would have been more than 15 years ago.

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