Thursday, September 30, 2010


I thought the text messages were over but I was wrong. At noon I get another Coleen text ... "Hey". I've never gotten one in the middle of the day. I could feel my pulse race immediately. I was afraid to respond but I did, I just said "working". Then she asked if I was home or in the office. then she said she just wanted to say hi. I responded with "Okay. Hi" And that was that.
I was half expecting her to show up so I was trying to think of how I would handle that. So of course she doesn't. I wonder if it happens will I be ready. My hope is that I can avoid her until I leave for Florida next week.
I went to the gym and met Lisa. She asked and I told her. Her reaction was more or less like I expected. She came down on me hard. She actually said I have nothing to be upset about since we don't have any kind of understanding. I said "I know but I'm still upset and not wanting to talk to her". She didn't say much after that. So I finished my workout. I can only say that it felt good to at least tell someone. It was bottled up and festering. Now I need to move on a little bit each day.
I wish I could come across with some exciting new thing but that's just not how my life seems to ever work.

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