Monday, September 6, 2010

Alone again, Natually.

Today did not go exactly as planned. Left the house to do some work on the boat and who do I see driving in the opposite direction but Coleen who waved me to pull over. We ended up spending the entire day together. I don't even know how it happened as I was just going with the flow. I got calls from the girls I know who do not like my keeping company with Coleen so I was conflicted all day. I am rationalizing that I owe no one any explanation as I still don't drink and my choices are mine to deal with and mine alone.

That said I feel guilty to not go hang out with those who see me when I need friends. Yes. I have good friends but they can't bring me the joy I get from Coleen and I know there is no positive outcome I can even expect I still need to take that path.

I got home at around 8 and felt I needed to call Janet. She sounded like she had been drinking. A lot. Still I wanted to say hello. Now that I know she has been having secret sex with Bunky I want to judge her but she refuses to judge me so I can't make any comment. So I let it go.

No more news... just me alone ... like always.

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