Friday, September 24, 2010

Destination no where.

I spent another night home alone. Thursday has always been a quiet night so I'm sort of fine with that. Today is Friday so I'm looking forward to an adventurous evening. I must be careful not to get my expectations too high so I don't feel like crashing if things aren't what I'd like. Janet and Roberta are away and I will spend Saturday working on the boat. I have a built in excuse to not stay out late.
I made my way to the gym after work last night. Lisa said she was planning to go but she didn't show up. That's fine. I need to do this for me anyway. I made the mistake of checking out the parking lot near the bar to see if Coleen was there. She was. I saw her car in the lot. I feel that I need to stop doing that. It has no point.
My mind has a bunch of scenarios that might happen this weekend. A big part of me is glad the girls are out of the way. Perhaps I can find a new thing to do. But if anyone asks I'm not busy. Maybe a night home will be a good thing.

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