Monday, September 20, 2010

Life with Mike

How boring is my life. All week I was trying to focus on things "not Coleen" so I hadn't called her in any way (no emails or text messages) all week long. Friday night I had dinner with Janet and Roberta. We have been trying to find new and different activities and so far I've been able to stay away from the bar on Friday's. It was a uneventful evening.
Saturday I wanted to work on installing some new equipment on the boat so I spent most of the day alone taking car of that. Before that I had made a plan to have dinner out with Janet. I figure if she will make plans I need to prioritize her more. That being said at about 4 PM Coleen showed up at the boat unannounced. I was happy to see her. She seemed to be interested in what I had planned which I said I would be out for dinner. I wonder if she was getting my message ... that I want to plan my life. Not just let things happen.
My dinner with Janet was okay. We went to her house afterwards and watched a movie on TV. Nothing romantic. That's just who we are. I was considering asking about it but I just think we both know we are friends and we are both fine with that.
That brings me to Sunday. In the morning I got a text message from Coleen asking me about the beach ... but I had plans to take people out on the boat. Late in the afternoon she sent me another text about watching football in the bar. I broke and went there. I didn't really talk to her much but she did say I needed to stop by. Well, long story short, she had some kind of melt down and left mad about something that didn't have anything to do with me. I asked that she call me Monday and she just went on with her fit and gave me a hug (that part was good) and she was out the door. I doubt she will call so I'll just go back to my normal routine and try not to think about her.
No new plans and next weekend there will be limited options because Janet will be away. Maybe I need to sit home and fix things here.

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