Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Day New Entry

So my usual sucky Monday took an interesting turn late yesterday. I was sitting around the house feeling guilty about the way I need to get started putting my house in order. I am so easily distracted. First Lisa comes online and we start chatting about her weekend. Then I got a phone call from Janet who was just home from a weekend at Montauk. These are great things but Lisa and Janet are my friends but the person I wanted to talk to was Coleen. I felt like I could call her but I feel like I needed a reason and I had none. I really need to get over that because guess what ... Coleen called me!

So we had a conversation although some of it was about how she finally spoke to her boyfriend. From what she said it doesn't sound like they are finished. But it doesn't sound like they have a future either. Then there is the problem of how I feel and if she could look at me in that special way.  

So anyway we are meeting for a drink after work today. It takes so little to make me happy.

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