Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vienna Waits for You

Spent last night at home relaxing. There was a point last night where I was simultaneously talking on the phone with work, on IM with Lisa and exchanging cell phone text messages with Coleen. Isn't technology great? And all I really wanted to do was watch the Met game on TV. Oh well, it's validating any way.

I went out at lunch and picked up the re-issue of the Billy Joel "Stranger" album. I didn't buy it for the album since I've got it already. And the Live at Carnegie Hall bonus disk is great, but what I really wanted was the 5 song bonus that comes with it from Best Buy. It's a concert that I can remember when I was in college in December 1977.

I had this friend at college, Bob L. who drove us home for Christmas break the 5 hours plus trip and he had a Billy Joel tape that we listened to a lot. It was the "Streetlife Serenade" album which I had grown to like. There were some extra songs from "Piano Man" too. Up until then I hadn't ever really heard him.

When I got home another friend had a bootleg tape of a radio concert that had just been aired. There were all these new songs on it. Songs from "The Stranger" and "Turnstiles". I've long since lost the tape but must have listened to this concert every day for a year. And that would be what the 5 songs are. Now I have a CD.... only part of the concert but at least I could have something. Maybe someday there will be a CD of the entire concert.

So I just walked 20 blocks in NYC in 90 degree heat but I've got it!. While I was there I also picked up a Toby Keith CD. It was just too far to go to get just one thing.

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