Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend has finished

The July 4th Weekend (or as I like to call it Quartro de Julio) is over. Here are some more pictures.

Here is Sean and below is his youngest Amanda and then there is Nicole and Sean's better half Marianna taken on the boat before fireworks.  

The fireworks was fun except for the fact that it rained and I was stressing out a little. I was more than a little disappointed that none of my friends could make it. Everyone did their own thing. Here is a look ar how crowded it was on the boat once the rain started...


But there were some really nice moments too,

Eventually the rain did stop and all went about as well as could be. The rest of the weekend was sort of washed out. It rained most of Saturday and I was with Janet most of the day. We actually had a nice day that somehow stretched into the evening. Then Sunday I was just lazy all day and got myself invited to share dinner with Coleen and Mark. From what I could see they are still very much a couple so I am really going to try and put that on the shelf. No more talk of me and Coleen. I promise.


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cindyliz770 said...

great pictures!! My own plans got sort of nixed as well, but it all turned out ok. I think it's good that you shelf the 'you and Coleen' idea for a while, but still... never say never. There may well be a reason for all of this, you just don't know the reason yet.