Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yeah = I can't deal with subject today

I was at a party at Janet's tonight. Everybody was there. There was much drama. Had a disagreement with Judy. I thought she was treating me like I was a servent and callede her on it. She's all bent and so am I. I may have acted different but I was tired and drinking but I still feel she was out of line. I even tried to apologize but she said no. So now I thinking fuck you ... you can't respect me even when I apologize? Go away then.

So then there is Coleen and Mark and all their shit. I loved being around Coleen and Lisa tries to set me straight. "don't jump every time she wants something" So much easier said then done.I'm thinking about just saying goodbye to the whole lot of them. 


cindyliz770 said...

sounds complicated!  maybe you just need a vacation away from them. That might give you a whole new perspective when you come back.

mikeg516 said...

Yes Cindy. I've decided I need a break. Starting to see too much friction.