Thursday, July 31, 2008

I haven't done a post lately. I am not really able to maintain my theme right now so I thought I would take a break from all the drama. I can't see how I can make my sitting around doing very little very interesting. I have used the time away to re-access where I should be going. 

So here is what I've been doing.... I had Lisa over for dinner at my house last Wednesday night. It was very enjoyable We had dinner alfresco under my new patio umbrella. I have been enjoying that all week. So nice to sit outside on a sunny day and be shaded.  

Thursday I blew everyone off. No boat party. I got calls from Janet and Coleen so I guess they may have been able to go. But initially Janet had said she was planning on doing something else and I was just of reaching out to anyone else. I guess I wanted a break from Coleen a little bit. More on that later.

Friday I went out to see the Cast of Beatlemania...

That's Lisa and Carmine dancing ... okay Lisa dancing and Carmine being his usual bump-on-a-log thing. I felt that I needed an outdoor Friday thing so that I could get away from the bar. And it was great... much better than I even expected. And it was free!

Then Saturday was a party at my brother's house. I did make a short stop at the beach to see Janet, Roberta, Judy and Jami. They were planning to stay until sunset... wish I could have stayed too but had that party. At least no bar.

This is Maryliz,Brian and Barry ... all my siblings. The party was okay ... just okay not great.

Sunday I invited Tracy to the boat. I wanted to diversify my circle of friends. She showed up with her brother. The weather was so bad I almost didn't expect her to make it. I want to like her but I just find her just so annoying. She must not be interested in me if she always has her brother come along. Still, I found myself asking her to meet for drinks after work one night this week. Anything to get my mind off of Coleen.

So I went the entire weekend with out going into the bar or talking to Coleen. Why ... well mostly on the advice of friends who tell me she is really just using me to get attention. It seems to me that they are right and deep down I've always known that.

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