Monday, July 21, 2008

What a weekend.

This is me at the end of the Lobster Party on Saturday. It was a long hot day.

That Lisa posing with me. I hadn't seen her in weeks. It's kind of strange how much I used to obsess about her and now it's like I barely think about her. I still think she's hot though.

At the end of the night Janet, her ex Mark Jami and I posed for one last picture. It was a good moment I wanted to capture.

At this point I was just as relaxed as I could be.

Here is Lisa and Carmine. They are doing great and I think Lisa is really happy and I feel good about that.

These are just a few of the many pictures we took. I will add more as the week goes on. The stories may take longer. I had a great time although not with everyone. I'm not sure I can make a blog entry about it just yet. It's not with anyone who I've mentioned before so I may come off really stupid.

Sunday I had Coleen and her boyfriend come out on the boat. Nothing big, just out into the harbor for a swim. But then while we were swimming the wind and the current picked up and I found myself drifting too far from the boat. I ended up getting assistance from another boat. It was a little embarrassing but it could have been much worse.

So I find myself looking at life a little different. I want to take a break from all the drama of lusting for something I can't have. So I'm going to just do my own thing and let life start coming to me. No more scheming or searching for someone special. For now.

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