Friday, July 11, 2008

Snapped back

So once again the rubberband theorem rears it's head. Those not familiar with the "Rubberband Theorem" when a person tries to pull away from another person that other person will snap back like when you have a rubberband tied around your wrist and pull on it and let go .... snaps right back. And the harder you pull it the harder it will snap. Now that I've done that let me try to explain....

I had made up my mind on Monday to let the whole Coleen thing go, right? So what do you think happens? She has sent me a text message or called me every night this week. And has asked me to call her before work or has called me before work. Nothing really new about that, just the same stuff but more frequent.

So last night was boat night at the dock. No one was going to show up so I went down anyway to open it up and get some air inside and also to relax and watch the sun go down. Then out of nowhere Chris shows up with his still broken foot and I help him onboard and I figure at least I have some one to hang with. Then my phone rings and it's Coleen. She had dinner with Mark but said she could come down for 10 minutes. I said, "fine, I'll be here." When she showed up she was alone and looked upset. Apparently when she called she was in a big row with Mark and left him... she says for good.

Next thing I know she is talking about how she needs to get away for the weekend and how would it be if we took the boat out east Saturday and Sunday. Now Chris is still there and I am reacting as if  I was planning to go anyway. So we discussed it as if it was something we would do.

So in my head there is all kinds of thoughts spinning in my head. How can I make this work and not end in total disaster? How can I make it so it's just me and Coleen? And isn't it way inappropriate for her and I to do this?


dontyouwant2no said...

It would be great if you 2 would just get together :) Yeah when I'm not planing on anyone showing up they alwaysdo ... Always works like that...

hope your doing ok


cindyliz770 said...

WOW !! I'm not sure what to make of all this. I hope it works out between you and Coleen, but, wow - that rubberband theorem is something else. I'd take her out for the weekend, way out in the middle of the ocean and then lay it all out for her. She picks you and it's all good. She picks Mark and she can swim back. Ok, ok, I wouldn't really do that, but I think it's frustrating. I think you and she sound like you might make a good couple. Seems to me that what she's looking for is someone less like Mark and more like you and you seem to enjoy the same things. Ugh - I just don't know! I will admit we women are not always easy to figure - so sorry for your turmoil - good luck :)

Anonymous said...

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