Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Last Post - then bye bye Birdie

I don't expect to post again until after New Year's so this will be my last entry for 2010. I feel like I am a little ahead of the game so to speak. I put all my payments to my bills in the mail and there is still money left even after Christmas. All the money problems of the past have become non-issues. I do need to watch so I don't slip.
My plans for New Years Eve is a little different than years past. My typical night out would be to go to a bar and see friends and wait for midnight. Never get to see anyone outside my circle. But this year I will start off on a different track. I am going to see a movie at a Art Cinema. Then after the movie there will be food and then champagne with the other movie goers. Maybe I can actually find someone different to talk to.
But first we have tonight. I am off from work on Friday and so are many of my friends so we are planning to go out for dinner. I don't want to over do things since I don't do so well going out 2 nights in a row. We will see.

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