Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick note for weekend

Got almost all of my Christmas shopping done and much of it is thanks to Coleen. She and I went to many stores on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I never would have gotten it all done had I not been called by her. Still not getting anything romantic from her but she is a real friend who helped me get through all the stress of getting presents for all the people I needed to buy for. And she made it fun.
There is so much more including a death of someone who I am not very friendly with that Coleen knew and liked. But I am here on Sunday feeling like I am no closer to love but still I know there are people who know and love me and I am important.
But most of all I have all the shopping done and I can now look forward to Christmas without fear. I didn't make it to the gym and I feel bad about that but I'll make up for that soon enough. I haven't heard from Lisa and I don't know what to make of that but she is making her own way and I guess I should let her go in so far as she needs to move on.

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