Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I need a Plan B

Heard from Coleen last night. She sent me a text that said "Not doing very well". Didn't know what to make of that so followed that up by talking on the phone. It seems that her "friend" Tommy has a brother who was shot and killed by the brother's son of all people last week. This happened somewhere upstate so it wasn't really big news around here, but it was in the paper on page 20. I must have missed it. She said she was at the wake last Friday night but not the funeral. At least I know where she was on Friday and why she went so quiet all weekend.
I'm not sure how I handled myself during this discussion. I didn't know the brother and I barely know Tommy so I didn't make the pretense of telling her to say anything or even to say sorry to her. I just mumbled something about it's 2 years since the ex-wife has been dead. Then I asked how he was and she said he hasn't even called. Clearly she was upset but not wanting to talk too much about it. She has been dealing with a chest cold that has not gotten better in almost 2 weeks. I reminded her she should get more rest. Last thing she said was I should call her tomorrow after work. I wish I hadn't said I would.
Before I spoke to Coleen I had been on the phone with Chris. I was wondering if he had gone to the bar on Sunday to see football. He said he did briefly and didn't do much else. We are trying to come up with Plan B - Plan A was the singles event from last month. He said he went to some kind of workshop for people struggling with loss of relationships. Then he went to see music in a new place. I said I'd like to go to that next time ... the music not the workshop.
That covers my whole evening. I never did talk to anyone else. Not even by email during the day. I considered calling Janet just to say hello and again say thanks for dinner on Sunday. I thought better of it. I'm starting to use her like she is my fake girlfriend and I think I should leave it alone. We both know how it is.

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