Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes. I'm reminiscing. This is a picture of me from more than 30 years ago with the first girl who ever loved me. My reason for putting this picture into the blog wasn't supposed to be about her but to mention that I now have a new picture scanner that I can use to copy old pictures into digital format. So I can begin the process of taking pictures out of old shoe boxes and put them into email, blog and facebook. This also means I'll be looking to get myself a new PC.

To anyone who wonders what ever happened to the girl I can tell the story. I met Shari while I was in college and she was still a high school girl. Because she was much younger then me I at first resisted her but it wasn't long before we were a couple. Even though I was older I was very inexperienced. Together we learned about love and sex. I didn't know it at the time but she was the best partner I would ever know. At least up until now. We were together for over a year but then she went to college and by Thanksgiving we were no longer together.

We tried to stay friends but over the next year or so we spoke less and less. There was no email then so long distance meant there we were not able to even exchange a word as years went by. I've managed to talk to her a couple of times since now you can find anyone over the Internet. She is the smartest person I've ever known. She got a doctorate in Biology and then became an patent attorney. She also had a little boy about 8 years ago. She lives somewhere out of state and last I'd heard she had been engaged to someone for something like 20 years. She must have finally gotten married. The last time we spoke was about 10 years ago. It was during that conversation that I realized the girl I knew had changed and while I was glad she had done so well I was never the right guy for her. I found a more recent picture on the Internet. To me she looks about the same even 30 years later.

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