Sunday, December 5, 2010

I can make a good thing bad

Friday night's trip home from work on the train got messed up thanks in part to the LIRR and also my inability to listen to announcements. I was sitting on my train listening to my iPod waiting for the train to leave Penn Station when suddenly all the people on the train started getting up and off the train. I jump up and am told they care cancelling this train and we all need to go to track 18 and get on a substitute train. I get to that train and see no signs of anything so I made the mistake of asking another passenger what the right train is. She said they changed it again to track 14 so I go running over to that and got on. This turned out to be the wrong train although it did go to Jamaica so at least I was going the right way. Problem was my connection left before I got there and the next train wasn't for 45 minutes. This on a Friday ... the only night I ever have some reason to get home.
But I had no real plans as no one seemed to be available. So while on the train I bump into a fellow bar friend Jimmy. And then I get a call from Janet and we made dinner plans. I went from feeling lonely to being thrilled to have a plan. I got home and then I was at Janet's and we shared dinner and she let me pay. Not much more than the usual. We drank wine and talked and she made me leave a little after 11.
It was a nice evening and what do I need to go and do .... I am driving home and I tried to take a short cut home and found the road has been closed so I needed to circle back to get home. In doing this I made the mistake of doing a drive-by Coleen's house and noticed her car was not in the driveway. Means she is shacking up somewhere. Stupid - right. Why am I doing this? At least she hasn't sent me any messages all weekend.
I've spent the rest of the weekend home alone doing more or less nothing. I did catch Bridges of Madison County movie. Since I'd only just finished the book it was a thrill to see the movie again.
Well... kickoff soon so I need to finish this up. Maybe I can find a way to expand this tomorrow.

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