Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One holiday down and one to go

The presents have all been unwrapped and all the food has been eaten and everyone is starting to get on with the post Christmas blahs. The picture is the best I could get with my camera of the family at Christmas Eve. There are a few missing... including myself as I was unable to maneuver myself to get into the frame. Also missing is my brother's wife as she chose to not attend due to the troubles they are having with their marriage. I won't give details on that since they have little to do with me. Also not in the picture for the first time is my dad who passed away last February. It's a little sad not having him there. He always loved Christmas.
You will note there is a dog ... a little white poodle that may or may not become a part of Barry's family. It's supposed to go home with his mom-in-law but there is some debate how well she can care for it. The dog has also really become attached to Barry. He follows him around everywhere. It was fun to watch and I'll be sad if he goes to the mom.
The rest of the weekend went as usual. I had breakfast at my sister's because the plan to do at my house didn't really work out. It's just as well since I have difficulty getting my house in order when no one else helps. I did bring all bacon, eggs and bagels so it was still a good thing. After breakfast I got a text for Coleen so I went there to exchange presents. She got me a shirt and I gave her a necklace. She showed me a leather coat she got as a give from Tommy - the new guy / old guy in her life. I say that because I just found out their relationship stretches way back to before she met me. She is not keeping it a secret anymore so I guess I'll make the best of it.
Sunday it snowed and no one really went anywhere until Monday night. Except for me ... I went to the bar and watched some football before the heavy stuff started. So I did make my way into the bar for happy hour on Monday night that turned into a late event. Got home at about 10:30. I also got into a long discussion with Jimmy and Lynnie about what a mess Coleen is. Jimmy and I both have the same feelings for her and have been put into the friend zone for some reason. I was so jealous of their relationship last year but I also think he would have been a better guy than the ones she has been seeing. So I got to vent a little more and said things I'd been not telling anyone... but also found out things I hadn't known. She does have a pattern of having multiple partners going at the same time. I also learned of the details from her fender bender accident last winter. With that I'm just realizing she has so much more baggage that I doubt I would handle that for very long. At this moment I'm thankful we aren't any more than friends.
With that I have much to think about. I do feel I am in a better place today than I was. I can handle what ever comes.

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